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Posted by Jesse Rice-Evans (she/they) on

Hey all–

Just writing with a quick check-in.

I’ve looked through your Week #1 responses and first Labor Logs, and I’m excited! Lots of different formats and insights, and I look forward to getting responses to each of you this weekend. Stay tuned!

You should all have moved on to WEEK #2, in which you’ll have to find a short piece (text + visual element[s]) to analyze for your blog post (tag #Week2), and a couple of videos to watch.

Week #2 calendar screenshot

You have another set of labor logs due for this week as well, and I advise you all to reflect on the format you chose for LL #1 and adjust thoughtfully. If you liked your first format, go with it; if you need another set-up to convey what work you’ve done, lean into that. You’re welcome to browse your colleagues’ logs for inspiration, if you like.

I’ll also be assigning you to a semester-long writing group, with whom you’ll be collaborating, reviewing, and brainstorming for the rest of the term. In future weeks, you’ll be responding to the blog posts written by the others in your group. More details to come.

If you’re feeling as though you’ve fallen behind, just jump back in. 

Finally, as always, check. the. course. calendar.

Getting emails about where we’re meeting, why we’re not meeting, what you should be doing will remain unanswered. I teach over 50 students this term alone, and I made the course website simple and navigable so that you can find information easily. You’re smart; no helplessness allowed. 

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