by Carmen Kynard


Richard Straub – “Responding–Really Responding–to Other Students’ Writing”

carroll – backpacks-vs-briefcases

Jacqueline Jones Royster – “When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own”

Hock – Visual Rhetoric

Hum – “Racialized Gaze as Design”

Kristin Arola – “Web Two Point O”

Mao Chinese American Rhetoric


Zappn Digital Rhetoric

Jesse Rice-Evans – Reflective Annotated Bibliographies


Readings about Grading Policy

“Why I Don’t Grade” by Jesse Stommel

“How to Ungrade” by Jesse Stommel

“(Un)Grading: It Can Be Done in College” by Laura Gibbs

“My Grading System FAQ” by Traci Gardner

“Labor Log” by Traci Gardner

“All Teachers Should Be Trained to Overcome Their Hidden Biases” by SORAYA CHEMALY


Visual Aspects of Digital Texts

Lemonade by Beyoncé (Tidal)

“As Memes Evolve, Platforms are Struggling to Keep Up” by Taylor Lorenz

Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits (Netflix)

“How Daquan Went From Homegrown Instagram Account to Modern Media Conglomerate” by Taylor Lorenz

There is No Such Thing as a Free Watch by Jenny Odell


Co-Construction of Knowledge and Identity Online

“Wikipedia, the Last Bastion of Shared Reality” by ALEXIS C. MADRIGAL

“Teens Are Debating the News on Instagram” by Taylor Lorenz

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 6: San Junipero (Netflix)

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1: Nosedive (Netflix)

What Do the Teens Know About this Tweet That We Don’t? by Ashley Feinberg

Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 4: Hang the DJ (Netflix)

“How Instagram Threads Became the WikiHow for Gen Z” by Taylor Lorenz

“The Big Lie at the heart of the technology revolution” by Damon Linker

Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 1: U.S.S. Callister (Netflix)

“When the First Voice You Hear is Not Your Own” by Jacqueline Jones Royster

“How Twitter Became Home to the Teen Status Update: ‘Local Twitter’ is a booming network of basic, young suburbanites across the country.” by Taylor Lorenz

“Mobilizing a Movement of the Mind” by Aja Monet

“It Was the Gatekeepers Who Failed: The internet doesn’t actually offer an unconstrained marketplace of ideas.” by CONOR FRIEDERSDORF


Creative and Weird Writing!

Porpentine games!

Gloriously Awash in SinA creative exchange between writer Casey Plett and visual artist Carly Bodnar

Stephon Lawrence’s poems in glittermob

Tyler Vile – Hasidic Witch Murderer

Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 3: The Entire History of You (Netflix)


Professional and Academic Writing!

“The Tyranny of the Exclamation Point Is Causing Email and Text Anxiety” by Katherine Bindley

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr

Google Is Making Us Stupid and Smart at the Same Time? by ADAM CLARK ESTES

“Studies Explore Whether the Internet Makes Students Better Writers” by Josh Keller

“Mind Over Mass Media” By STEVEN PINKER

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