RE: Rhetorical Analysis

Hey all–

I know you’re missing our in-person meetings (although I’m not sure I’ll even recognize you all when we *finally* come back together!), but I wanted to do a quick check-in about what y’all should be working on before our next class.

Remember on our Week #1 calendar the promise of Project #1 ??? well here we go: your Rhetorical Analysis!

This week, you’ll need to take a look at this graphic on rhetorical analysis by Dr. Carmen Kynard. You’ll need to work on your responses to these questions for your chosen artifact and be prepared to bring your notes when we meet in person on 9/17.

RE: choosing your artifact: you’ll need to choose something specific enough that you can actually examine it thoroughly in just a few pages.

For examplethe color blue is a terrible choice of artifact. Why? You can talk about the sky, Indigenous pottery, the uniforms of the New England Patriots, the ocean, etc. This topic is too broad.

Good options include:

BBHMM – Rihanna (YouTube)

This poem by Arielle Tipa

This photo:

Teen Vogue photo police at rally

This GIF:

GIF of someone applying lipstick

etc. etc. etc.

Get it

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