Week #4 Check-In

Very impressed with folks’ blog posts about Contrapoints and Black Mirror! Looking forward to talking more about these ideas tomorrow, when we get to hang out together at long last!

I’ll see everyone at 5:40 tomorrow 9/17, and please remember to bring whatever notes you have about your upcoming rhetorical analysis project. We’ll be working in small groups to go over your notes and get feedback on what other questions folks want answers to RE: your chosen artifact. We will also watch a short video that practices the analytical strategies you’ll need for your own rhetorical analysis.

We’ll also be talking a bit about the rhetoric readings from a few weeks back (comic; Visual Rhetorics) as well our plans for the next chunk of the semester. Please come prepared with questions and concerns, as this is our opportunity to communicate about how things are going so far.

Bring your device if you like, but you’re welcome to use the (old/janky/slow) computers in our classroom as well.

None of this please:

classroom of students playing on cell phones while teacher looks around helplessly

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