Hey all–

It’s come to my attention that *many* of y’all don’t have experience using databases and/or online research for scholarly and credible articles, so we’re going to work in a step-by-step of library resources and other online spaces to find good information and peer-reviewed writing, and we’ll talk about why peer review and collaboration are normal and even productive aspects of the writing process.

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We will also look more closely at an example of an annotated bibliography and an argument essay. In class, we will work together to critique these pieces using the Google Docs commenting function and pay close attention to how each piece fulfills genre requirements for the two pieces under Project #2: the Annotated Bib of four (4) texts and the Researched Argument Essay.

I’ll be working on getting feedback to each of you on your Rhetorical Analyses ASAP.

Please make sure to check the course calendar! I’ve included a few updates from our most recent class and for our upcoming project goals.


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