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Writing with a couple of updates for you:

1) Feedback
I am 2/3 of the way through your Project #1 submissions! Look for feedback from me by the end of the day today, including recommendations for revision and resubmission (remember: we talked about revise and resubmit protocols for scholarly journals on Monday?). The choice to R&R or not is ultimately yours, but receiving full credit for the assignment is contingent upon fulfilling the criteria for the assignment.

Here are a couple of resources from professional scholars on how to handle R&R protocol as the author: Get a Life, PhD and Inside Higher Ed. All of these steps are not necessary for a successful R&R at your level, but the advice is sound.

2) What’s coming up?
Project #2 should be well underway: your annotated bibliographies will be due when we return from the holiday (11:59pm Sunday October 14), and you should bring at least some notes/a working outline to class on 10/15. In class that day, you’ll spend some time with your writing groups to go over what you’ve got so far and provide feedback on what questions readers of your argument paper might have, which should inform your progress moving forward. We’ll talk paper logistics on 10/15 as well, and you should prepare to submit your essay for Project #2 by 11:59pm on Sunday October 21.

Your annotated bibliography should act as prewriting for your essay. Treat it as such. Pose questions. Make connections. Start to analyze. I’ll be scoring the annotated bib as prewriting, meaning that you should use it as a tool towards figuring out what you want to examine more closely in your essay. 

3) Stuff to help you

I’ve gathered together a few resources for choosing a topic, developing a research question, drafting an argument-based essay, and general writing support.

Evaluating Sources | Purdue OWL

Choosing a Topic | Purdue OWL

Generating questions Purdue OWL.ppt


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