Grades are up!

Hey scholars–

Your feedback for Project #1 is now available on Blackboard.

If you don’t see any feedback from me, it’s because I don’t have a submission from you. If this applies to you, I recommend that you reach out to me ASAP so we can set a deadline for you to turn this in. 

Coming up, you’ll have the chance to reflect back to Project #1 and, using your Labor Logs as resources, assign yourself a numerical grade. If I have recommended a revision, the final will by due by the end of the termIt is your responsibility to stay on top of your assignments. I will not be able to check in on your progress as I will not have the time. 

This week, you should be reaching out to your writing group for feedback on your annotated bibliographies for Project #2. On our next class date, you will have time to meet face-to-face with your writing group to get feedback moving forward. You should be developing research questions and an outline/some prewriting for the argument essay component of Project #2.

Looking forward to seeing your latest Labor Logs and responses 🙂

Keep at it!

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