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Hey all–

Writing to check in about your progress collecting articles for your annotated bib!

I know it’s midterm season and you have a lot on your plate, but in order to stay on track, you really need to stay on top of Project #2 and keep track of your work in your Labor Logs. For Monday, it’s crucial that you bring in your work thus far, as this will be your biggest opportunity to get feedback from your writing groups about your chosen articles.

The articles you bring in do not have to be your final choices, but they should reflect your chosen topic and give some insight into what questions you plan to investigate in your upcoming argument essay.

I’ve also received a few queries about choosing a topic. You are the scholars here. Choose a topic that is interesting to you and that you can investigate further. My only advice is to pick something related to technology and digital culture so that I can provide suggestions for your research, as this is my area of scholarly interest.

Your final annotated bibliographies will be due with your argument essay. In class on Monday, we’ll talk about your expectations of your own argument essay: what rhetorical strategies will you use?; is your evidence compelling and analyzed appropriately?; do you have a clear point of inquiry/thesis?; have you organized your essay clearly?; etc. We will also plan a due date for Project #2.

One final note: we’ll have a visitor in class on Monday from the English Department. I’m being observed! This has nothing to do with y’all; just giving you a heads up 🙂

Looking forward to your Labor Logs and class on Monday!

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