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    Velma Newton

    Since there was not class, I was unsure if there was work due that same night, so I checked cuny commons and figured out it was due on Sunday which I guess is the official standard. So I decided to put the tasks in the back of my mind becasue I had other work actualy due during the week. With this being said, I kept semi forgetting about thw hw all togteher so I decidedĀ  to go back to the website during the middle of the week and take a picture of it, since the odds of me having cuny commons open outside of actually working in the assignments is slim.I ended up realizing that it was useless because it didnt help me remeber and all I ended up writing in my notes, where I keep all my tasks, was Sunday ENglish Tasks. This gave me no type of insight on what I had to do so that I could atleast be mentally prepared. I know I have to think of some other way to stay on top of the work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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