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    Karina Lopez

    * Monday August 27th – Duration: about 30 minutes
    * Task- Reading syllabus and Check out CUNY commons website
    * Intensity of Work- After the first class, I took some time at home to read the syllabus and look over the calendar. I also navigated through the CUNY commons Site to become familiar with it.
    * Reflection – I already feel that this class is very different from my previous English classes. The grading system is peculiar and I’m still trying to fully understand it.
    * Tuesday August 28th – Duration: about one hour
    * Task- Calendar & Labor Log readings “When grades are based on labor” & “Labor Log”
    * Intensity of Work- I printed out the class calendar & reviewed assignments and due dates. I also read about Traci Gardner’s Labor log grading system and guidelines, including the sample labor logs
    * Reflection – Reading about Dr. Gardner’s labor log gave me a better insight into how I will be graded for this class. It makes me a little nervous because it is definitely something new but I’m also intrigued to see how this system will work for me.
    * Wednesday August 29th – Duration: about 30 minutes
    * Task- Introductory Survey & Read CUNY commons forums
    * Intensity of Work- I completed the introductory survey and submitted it. I also took the time to read some of the freewriting paragraphs that we did in class on CUNY commons.
    * Reflection – I enjoyed reading some of my other classmate’s freewriting because I realized that others have the same concerns and ideas as me. It gave me a sense of relief knowing I’m not the only one worried about certain aspects of multimodal writing.
    * Thursday August 30th – Duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task- Reading “Understanding Rhetoric: A graphic guide to Writing”
    * Intensity of Work- I downloaded a copy of the readings onto my phone so I could read them on my commute to work.
    * Reflection – I really enjoyed the graphic guide. It was a fun read and it really opened my eyes about what rhetoric actually is and how it was applied since ancient times. In all honesty, I wasn’t too sure what rhetoric was before this reading.
    * Friday August 31st – Duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task- Labor Log #1
    * Intensity of Work- I began checking what format would be best for me to do my labor logs and decided to do a bullet point format
    * Reflection – I like either table/bullet points because it helps me organize my ideas better and its more structured. I also realize that this is very helpful to plan out my week and helps me divide the work between the days. I also learned that next week I should begin writing my labor log as I go through the work instead of compiling the log till the end of the week.
    * Saturday September 1st – Duration: about two hours
    * Task- Reading “Understanding visual rhetoric in Digital Writing environments” & begin Common blog word response #week1
    * Intensity of Work- I read the full reading of visual rhetoric in digital writing and learning about audience stance, transparency & hybridity. I also wrote the short response for both readings.
    * Reflection – Reading about the importance of visual rhetoric was interesting because I have a better understanding of visual rhetoric in the online world.
    * Sunday September 2nd – Duration: about one hour
    * Task- Finish common blog #week1, finalize labor log #1 and submit all work
    * Intensity of Work- Finishing the response to the two articles
    * Reflection – Overall, both of these articles were informative and helped me better understand the meaning of rhetoric and the intended application of it for this particular class.

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