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    Salah Maflahi

    Salah Maflahi

    Labor Log for Week 1


    Before the “Understanding Rhetoric: A graphic Guide to writing” and “Understanding visual Rhetoric in digital writing environments” I had very little knowledge on what is Rhetoric and what are the effects that it has on literature. And now it came to my understanding that it is what makes literature so effective and basically forces the human mind to feed and become more attracted to what is being said in a speech or even a poster ad. If the wording was put into a rhetoric formatting it’ll become more appealing to the mind and attract more attention. We tend to use rhetorical formats while as we speak and when we communicate with others whether it’s through emails or text without even realizing it. Rhetorical speaking or writing is almost its own language, it’s a way of persuasion or having a major effect or impact on who your directing your speech or writing to.

    I agree with the authors and I believe that rhetorical literature can be very compelling and convincing, if your intentions to ask of a favor or for something. Because when we use rhetoric we make sure that we’ve sought out our audience and analyzed them and understand what they want to hear. Then we slight twist that and use it to our advantage to get what we want out of them. For example, one way to get what you want from your audience through a speech is to compel them tell what they want to hear then slightly convince them that they have power over your outcome and then you ca ask for what it is that you want while at the same time you’re making it seem like it’s something simple. What you’ll be using in your speech is pathos which is an attempt to persuade the audience. Logos, as you attempt to persuade the audience you would have to use a claim or argument that is perceived as logical. Ethos, is when the audience have fed into your speech and perceive you as credible.

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