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    Michael Bentkowski

    Date: 12/13/18

    Assignment: To do: provide some thoughts on your own relationship to technology: what media feels authentic to your experience? much popular media dealing with technology focuses on thriller or horror genres; what do you think is next for tech? multimedia response! – make a meme/GIF that speaks to your relationship to technology and write a short reflection to accompany your multimedia submission.

    Intensity: It probably took me a solid hour and a half after watching the tv show and writing the blog post. Easy stuff though.

    Reflection: I will again do the assignment closer to the due date to avoid cramming it all into one day. Ha! That’s today!! It was kind of fun to incorporate the multimedia aspect into my response as well as provide my opinion on where I see tech going. ALIENS!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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