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    Karina Lopez
    • Tuesday November 6<sup>th</sup> – duration: about one hour
      • Task: began my infographic resume for this week’s blog response
      • Intensity: Looked for some creative formats for an infographic resume
      • Reflection: I did some background research on what an infographic resume should look like. I did not realize how many different varieties of resumes are acceptable, but it definitely depends on the field you’re applying for. I began doing a rough draft of my infographic resume and realized I need more color and pictures.
    • Wednesday November 7<sup>th</sup> -duration: about one hour
      • Task: start my labor log & brainstorming for podcast
      • Intensity: For my final project, I decided to do a podcast. I started looking up how to do a podcast since editing and recording, is not something I am familiar with.
      • Reflection: Looking up information on how to go about making a podcast has been intimidating because I don’t really have equipment or software for that. But I know the school has resources and I will also look around to see if friends or classmates can help out.
    • Saturday November 10<sup>th</sup> – duration: about two hours
      • Task: Wrap up infographic
      • Reflection: I feel good about what my infographic looks like now. I’ve tried to make it as eye pleasing as possible without going overboard. I don’t want the main focus of the resume to be the colors and pictures, so I’ve been using them as background.
    • Sunday November 11<sup>th</sup> – duration: about two hours
      • Task: Labor log & infographic resume & upload work
      • Intensity: I spent most of the time editing and detailing the infographic resume and finding a picture of myself for it. I will submit all my work on time.

    Timestamp: Sun Nov 11 @9:29pm

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