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    Wei Tao Liu

    Date and time: 12/1/18, Morning, 10 AM to 12 PM (I didn’t post it on that time because I didn’t see the forum for labor log 13 at that moment and I forgot about posting my labor log until now…)


    What I did: Thinking about how to do my infographic as my remediation


    How long I worked: 2 Hours +


    What kind of work I did (reading, writing, and providing my feedback): I have done an infographic before so I went back to look over my old infographic which is about something else. I thought about writing a revision for my assignment #2 so I can make sure the infographic is up to date with my revision since I probably will add something for my revision such as a news article as evidence for VR threats.


    Reflecting: Making an infographic could also be helpful as creating portfolios. However, I also have something else to work on in my other classes. I felt like my classes have a similar time for the assignments and projects so I felt so tired because I need to do them together…

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