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    Karina Lopez


    • Monday November 26 – duration: about two hours
      • Task: Portfolio & Audacity
      • Intensity: Since class today was cancelled, I spent a couple of hours working on my portfolio, adding some pages and editing/revising. I also spent some time using Audacity. I’m using the transcript I started for my podcast so it can serve as a guide to begin recording my podcast.
      • Reflection: I feel much more comfortable with the setup of the website and editing has become easier to use. Audacity has also been fun to work on. It has many functions and uses but overall, I think I got the hang of it. The transcript is useful for the podcast as it sets the flow for the things I talk about in the podcast.
    • Friday November 30 – duration: about two hours
      • Task: writing theory’s first draft & started my last labor log of the semester
      • Intensity: I had to do some research on what theory of writing actually meant. I looked at some examples and definitions and began writing my theory.
      • Reflection: The theory of writing has been a good way to wrap up the semester. I talked about what I’ve learned throughout the course and how I’ve improved my writing.
    • Sunday December 2 – duration: about two and half hours
      • Task: finished labor log, edit the first draft of the writing theory, and add pages to website, edit reflection for the remediation, recording part of the podcast
      • Intensity: I spent some time editing the theory of writing/reflection for the course. I also started the write the reflection on the remediation of my podcast and have a rough first draft. After I’m done editing my podcast, I’ll finish writing and revising the remediation.
      • Reflection: The theory of writing has been a little challenging because I wasn’t sure what it exactly meant. But after some research, I was able to write my theory of writing and feel pretty good about it. I also edited the reflection of the remediation and will post a draft on CUNY commons.
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