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    Wei Tao Liu

    Date and time: 9/8/18, Morning, 11 AM to 1 PM


    What I did:  Looking for an online story that uses visual elements within the article, and read it. Then write 300 words about the article and the role that visual element plays. After that, I went to watch the ContraPoints video.


    How long I worked: 1.5 Hours


    What kind of work I did (reading, writing, and providing my feedback): I went to google and tried to look for an interesting online story, then I found an article about a couple went on a trip. I write about how the pictures and the visual element plays in the article to persuade the reader to think about going on a trip like that. It was fantastic.


    Reflecting: The visual elements play important roles in writing. It could be used to persuade people and make them agree with you. It also could be used in many different ways. The contra point video is also pretty informative and interesting.

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