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    Taylor Norris

    Date and Time: 9.9.18 9:30 P.M.


    What you did: Tonight I spent my time finding an article that uses visual elements to help me get a better understanding of what the story is about.


    How long I worked: Finding article – 1 hour

    Reading and Understanding Article – 30 minutes


    Intensity: I read this article more than once to help me get a better idea of what the author wanted this story to tell. I then read one more time so I could reflect on what I have learned and finalize my thoughts and put them on paper.


    Reflection: The visual elements helped me get a better understanding of what the story was about. I found it very helpful reading a sentence and then looking at an image to further create the story. For example when the story said “In the great green room There was a telephone and a red balloon And a picture of The cow jumping over the moon…” the picture was of a room that consisted of all these objects. It further painted the image in my head and helped me interpret the author’s thoughts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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