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    Cindy Reka

    Cindy Reka

    Labor Log (2) for the Week Ending September 9th

    Reading, Listening, Viewing

    This week, I reread, “Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments” by Mary E. Hocks so that I could refresh my memory on the topic and proceed to complete the writing assignment for this week. I also browsed the Internet for an example of a story/article that included visual elements. This way, I could complete this week’s assignment and also put into practice what I had learned the week prior. Then, I went on to write my 300-word response. I also watched “ContraPoints: What’s Wrong with Capitalism? Pt. 1 and Pt. 2” because it was requested of the class to do so. I then went on to create this labor log, so that I could accurately describe this week’s actions in regards to this class.


    This week’s writing assignment involved writing a 300 word understanding of an online story/article which included visual elements. The story was not given to us, however we had to find one on our own and reflect on it afterward in our weekly writing response. This task took me about an hour or so. Other than that, I am also currently completing this labor log which in total has taken me about another hour. This assignment helped me immensely in my understanding of how visual attributes may greatly enhance a reader’s experience. Having to check in about my understanding of the topics at hand using a writing response is what allowed me to fully immerse myself into this assignment.

    Providing & Responding to Feedback

    Because it is only the beginning of the Fall curriculum, we’ve yet to move into the phase of the class in which feedback has been provided.


    The act of seeking out a article on my own, and then attempting to understand the intent the author had in mind and the role of the visual element in conveying the main message, was extremely helpful to me. It bettered my understanding of why authors sometimes like to include visual elements to their pieces. It allows readers to delve into another mode of information processing that is relatively new and up to date. Finding an article was not hard, as the internet seems to have been heading towards this mode of writing for some time now.


    So far, we’ve yet to introduce any topics or projects in class that involve collaboration. However, I am open to and looking forward to any such interactions with my classmates.

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