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    Karina Lopez

    * Monday September 10th – duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task: Watch “Black Mirrors:” Season 1, Episode 2
    * Intensity: I watched the entire episode in one sitting & read feedback from professor
    * Reflection: I’ve never watched Black Mirrors before and I’ve heard it’s a great show but also sort of bizarre. After watching an episode of the show, I can definitely see why some people might think it’s strange, but it also talks about very powerful concepts that affect us in present day even though it’s a completely different world. I’m looking forward to watching more episodes. I’m also glad to read back some feedback for my response just to validate my understanding of the homework.
    * Wednesday September 12th – duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task: Begin my Labor Log for the week as well as spend some time picking my artifact for my project.
    * Intensity: My third labor log will be in bullet format after a technical difficulty last week with my log last week where the CUNY commons would not post my table format. Also, after a while of surfing the web, I’ve narrowed down my choices to two images that I feel have substance for my paper.
    * Reflection: I’ve selected two images that I found to be very interesting and substantial for my paper. After watching her documentary, Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired me to choose something about her. It’s a photo of her getting sworn into the US supreme court. What I like about it is the implications and background behind that historic moment. The second choice I’m debating is a controversial cartoon of Serena Williams after her loss at the US Open finals and the uproar that it caused the past few days.
    * Friday September 14th – duration: about one hour
    * Task: Writing my response to the Black Mirrors episode & continue filling in the Labor Log
    * Intensity: I spend a decent amount of time going through the episode and also replaying parts of it to take some notes. I also play the Contra Points videos again to refresh my memory and be able to draw similarities or comparisons in my blog response.
    * Reflection: I realize how much is similar about both of these. Capitalism is emphasized in Contra Points and its effects are outlined in Black Mirrors. In Contra points, the points made about alienation, advertising, economic imbalance, and the social tensions are played out by the story in Black Mirrors about a dystopian future with a sort of slave system working under “lizards,” aka capitalists.
    * Saturday September 15th – duration: about two hours
    * Task: Writing some notes about the artifact I’ve chosen & read Dr. Carmen Kynard’s Guide to rhetorical analysis
    * Intensity: After serious consideration and dilemma, I’ve decided to go with the Serena Williams cartoon. I looked through the questions that we must think about for the paper and tried to answer as many as I could. I also watched the two videos at the end to get a sense of what I’m required to do.
    * Reflection: The videos were very helpful in understanding a little more about rhetorical analysis.
    * Sunday September 16th – duration: about 30 minutes
    * Task: Finishing labor log and submitted work
    * Intensity: I finished my labor log and submitted my work on time.
    * Reflection: I liked the assignments we had this week. I’m enjoying watching Black Mirrors and can’t wait to see other episodes. I also feel good about my response this week. I felt I really understood the assignments and had a lot to talk about.

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