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    Taylor Norris

    September 16, 2018

    Today I watched the second episode of Black Mirror and watch the contra points parts 1 & 2

    I worked around 2.5 hours in total – 1 hour (black mirror) 40 minutes (contra points) 40 minutes (writing and reflecting)

    the work was fairly easy to do and i actually enjoyed watching the videos. enjoying something you do does not mean its work so it was fun.

    Watching this episode was a fun way to do a homework assignment. Unfortunately I find it very awful that the job of most of the population is to ride a stationary bike to earn merits. Having an awful job is no way to live, growing up is about finding a job that you love so much, that it does not feel like a job at all. The visual rhetoric is something from the future. Every second in their day is about riding the stationary bike and watching screens. Before bed they watch advertisements and have to even pay to skip the ad. I find it unfair. Anyway, even when they woke up, they woke up to visual rhetoric of roosters on a farm chirping at the sun. When they get to their job at a stationary bike they start by jumping on the bike and choosing what to watch on a television to get through their whole entire day. The life looked a little dull but very technological. It is very unfortunate that other people had job, watching people sing to make their money. While others had to live a dull, repetitive life on a bike, to earn merits. Even when they were on break in the bathroom or in the cafeteria, they were greeted to screens to watch television. In the cafeteria there was an animated vending machine that they chose what to get to eat.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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