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    Karina Lopez

    * Monday September 17th – Duration: one hour
    * Task: Beginning my rhetorical analysis paper by finishing the questions using the rhetorical analysis guide
    * Intensity: I spent a good amount of time answering all the questions on the guide and doing sort of an outline of my paper which is always useful when I write.
    * Reflection: I think the use of the guide is giving me a good idea of what type of things I should be including in my paper. I find the questions really helpful and making the writing a little easier.
    * Tuesday September 18th – Duration: one hour
    * Task: Start labor log #4 and continue writing paper
    * Intensity: I spent about one hour writing part of my paper and began writing the labor log for this week
    * Reflection: The labor logs are getting easier to write since I am now familiar with the format
    * Wednesday September 19th – Duration: 3 hours
    * Task: writing the paper
    * Intensity: I wrote most of the paper today.
    * Reflection: I am following the outline I set myself and it is being useful for writing. Writing about Serena Williams and how this cartoonist is mocking her is really making me rethink about the women’s movement and double standards. I felt she was being treated unfairly and seeing how people make fun of her is not right.
    * Thursday September 20th, 2018 – duration: one hour
    * Task: Read “There is no such thing as a free watch”
    * Intensity: I read the article that was assigned for this week during my commute to work this morning
    * Reflection: I liked the article and found that a lot of the points mentioned in the article are very truthful and it makes me reflect back on how much false advertising we are exposed to on a daily basis.
    * Saturday September 22nd – duration: 2 hours
    * Task: finishing and editing my paper
    * Intensity: I spent a large amount of time re-reading and editing my paper
    * Reflection: I feel pretty good about the content of my paper and the points that I emphasized on.
    * Sunday September 23rd– duration: 2.5 hours
    * Task: finishing my labor log and doing a final check on the paper. Also submitting my work
    * Intensity: I reread my paper multiple times and changed anything I felt needed to be modified. Submitting my first paper for this class felt like a big relief and I hope the next paper will be an interesting topic as well.

    – Karina

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