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    Velma Newton
    • This week was a little better with time management. I was able to look through some old essays because I thought it would be helpful as a base for the project. But most of them are really tailored to their designated topics so, it would be counter intuitive for saving time. I was blessed to not have work in the morning of Sunday, so that defiantly helped, until I fell asleep in the library and drooled all over the school laptop. So I was pressed to get this done before having to leave for my next job in the evening. I feel like I will be able to finish the week 5 assignment on time during my break today, because my other work for other classes have unfortunately, been cancelled. Which really means that I am unable to do them because of expired access to my free trial to my online account. I missed last weeks labor log by accident thinking that it was crossed out with the other assignments, but I feel like everything is getting better over all.
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