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    Karina Lopez

    * Tuesday October 2nd – duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task: Watch Black Mirrors episode: USS Callister
    * Intensity: Watched the entire episode in one sitting
    * Reflection: This episode of Black Mirror was insane. The entire concept of the virtual video game and the doppelgangers is actually kind of frightening to think that something like that could even happen. The emotional abuse that Captain Daly puts his crew through is harrowing and wrenching at times. The episode was thrilling and funny and so well crafted.
    * Wednesday October 3rd – duration: about 2 hours
    * Task: Read articles – “When the First voice you hear is not your own” & “How twitter became home to teen status update”
    * Intensity: I read the shorter article on my commute back home from work and the other at home.
    * Reflection: Both articles were interesting. I had no idea how much impact Twitter has on the younger generation, so it was really an eye opener.
    * Thursday October 4th – duration: about one hour
    * Task: write blog about the articles & labor log
    * Intensity: I wrote my blog connecting the two articles I read and I also started my labor log for this week
    * Reflection: The connection between both articles was a bit weak I felt. One talks about how twitter is the new form of communication between teens and the other talked more about how communities from different races or backgrounds form open dialogue and build credibility by putting one story against another.
    * Sunday October 7th – duration: about one hour
    * Task: Labor log & submitting work
    * Intensity: I worked to finish my labor log
    * Reflection: This week is the first week we have to respond to a group member’s post. I find this a good idea to better interact with our classmates and have open discussions. But so far no one in my group has posted a blog response so I’ll probably wait for tomorrow

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