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    Taylor Norris

    Date and time: October 7, about 4 hours of labor


    Task: Watch Black Mirror season 4 episode 1, read “When the First Voice You Hear is Not Your Own” and “How Twitter Became Home to Teen Status Update”


    Intensity: not too difficult, the episode was fairly long but also very informative. The readings were short with great underlying messages.


    Reflection: the Black Mirror episode was about Daly put his mind into a virtual reality and created a world where he was the top dog. The message this episode brought to my attention was that if you stay in your own head for too long, you may not return to the real world. It was a fantastic episode and really well written. The two texts were fairly dry in my opinion. Twitter does not play a huge role in my life so I cannot personally relate on what was being said. I do not care if my word gets out there, but I do understand how people strive to get a tweet that will go viral and hope to get famous through that. Although that is not how it works most of the time.


    Black mirror took about 1 hour and 10 minutes

    Both articles took about 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Writing both reflections and posting took 45 minuts

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