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    Karina Lopez

    * Monday October 8th – duration: about 2.5 hours
    * Task: Reading both articles assigned and watching “Lemonade” album by Beyonce
    * Intensity: I read both of the articles we had to for this week. And I used YouTube to find and watch all the music videos for Beyonce’s album since I don’t have the album myself.
    * Reflection: The two articles were about twitter and its influence on the young teen generation. Twitter has transformed the way teens communicate and how they stay informed. It amazes me how it feels like teens have a different language on social media and the rest of us older folks, just kind of try to keep up.
    * Wednesday October 10th – duration: about 1.5 hour
    * Task: Starting my labor log & finding research for my annotated bibliography this week.
    * Intensity: I’ve been brainstorming ideas for topics on what I’d like my paper to be on. I’ve been going back and forth for days now but I finally have some solid ideas and doing some research has narrowed down the topics. I also looked over some helpful links from CUNY commons to help with my research paper.
    * Reflection: Using the school database provides some really good articles and journals for my research, although sometimes it is hard to open the documents. I have some good articles for my bibliography that I think will definitely help me for my paper. I also started my labor log for this week today.
    * Friday October 12th – duration: two hours
    * Task: Writing the annotated bibliography
    * Intensity: I did some more research for articles for my bibliography. I am more certain that these articles will be useful for my paper. As I’ve been reading the articles, I’ve been taking notes on what information is more relevant to my topic.
    * Reflection: I think I’m pretty set on my topic. I will be asking my writing group for their opinion to see if the topic is narrow enough to do research on. I feel like I can present a good argument and find enough research to back my topic.
    * Sunday October 14th – duration – about 3.5 hours
    * Task: Finishing labor log, annotated bibliography & started rough outline of paper
    * Intensity: I wrapped up my bibliography and wrote a rough outline for my paper. Also, I will submit my prewriting for my paper which is the outline and I’ll also post the annotated bibliography.
    * Reflection: The bibliography has been very helpful to cement my ideas and see what information is useful in the articles for my paper. Also, I find that writing an outline always helps me with writing my papers. I like to jot down ideas as well to make it easy for me to just start filling in my outline. I started with a list of different topics I wanted to research but have finally narrowed it down to one that really catches my attention.

    time stamp: Sun 10/14/2018 @9:41pm

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