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    Karina Lopez

    Labor Log #9

    * Monday October 22nd – duration: two hours
    * Task: continue working on paper
    * Intensity: I spent about an hour in class, refining and fine tuning my bibliography. Then I went home and finished writing the conclusion of my paper
    * Reflection: I am pretty much done with my first draft of my essay. Now the challenge is shrinking the essay to under 2000 words since it has surpassed the word count. I’m happy about my time management with the paper, and how useful my outline is being.
    * Tuesday October 23rd – duration: about 1.5 hours
    * Task: Read poem, played the Porpentine games & labor log
    * Intensity: I played the games one by one, one right after the other. Then I read the poems by Stephon Lawrence. I also started my labor log for this week.
    * Reflection: I am confused and at times feel a little unsettled by the games. I’m not quite sure what the rules or instructions of some of them are and what the idea of the games are.
    * Wednesday October 24th – duration: 2.5 hours
    * Task: Edit & revise paper
    * Intensity: I finished editing my paper on my laptop and then proceeded to print it out.
    * Reflection: I like to revise my papers on a physical copy of the paper. I feel you get a different perspective of it and catch errors and mistakes that you’d otherwise miss. I’ve had to alter and switch some paragraphs around, make some grammar changes and it has been a lot more difficult to cut down unnecessary information to reach the word limit because I’ve had to be very picky about what needs to stay and what doesn’t.
    * Friday October 26th – duration: about 2 hours
    * Task: Writing blog for this week & rereading annotated bibliography
    * Intensity: Wrote my commons blog response to the games this week
    * Reflection: In the response this week, we had to describe the emotions we had while playing the Porpentine games and I played them again just to make sure I did them right and also to better write about them. I also reread and edited my bibliography again to make sure it all sounds good.
    * Saturday October 27th – duration: about 2 hours
    * Task: Second draft & revision of paper
    * Intensity: After editing changes onto essay, I printed out a second copy to go over again and make sure the essay flows and make sense. I also had my sister read it and give suggestions.
    * Reflection: I find that editing at this point is becoming minimal because the foundation of my paper is there but I’m still working on cutting down some fluff.
    * Sunday October 28th – duration: about 2.5 hours
    * Task: Final edit and submission of work & finishing labor log
    * Intensity: Polishing and reviewing all changes on paper
    * Reflection: I finished final edits and changes to the paper. I always find that the more I re-read final drafts, the more changes I want to make so I did one final read and submitted both my paper and the annotated bibliography. Submitted labor log and blog response to this week as well.

    Timestamp: Sunday October 28th @9:30pm


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