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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye

    Log#6 the week ending October, 7

    • <i>Reading, Listening, and Viewing</i>

    For this week we should

    1. Read “When the First Voice You Hear is Not Your Own” by Jacqueline Jones Royster
    2. Read “How Twitter Became Home to the Teen Status Update: ‘Local Twitter’ is a booming network of basic, young suburbanites across the country.” by Taylor Lorenz
    3. Watch <i>Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 1: U.S.S. Callister </i>
    4. Watch <i>“Mobilizing a Movement of the Mind”</i><i> by Aja Monet </i>

    First of all, I watched the video material, and the next day I was reading (duration is about two hours all together). After watching another episode of <i>Black Mirror, </i>I definitely can assume that a lot of people at the moment aware how deeply the Web, social media, and gaming in general affect us. Even Aja Monet in the poem mentioned that when people created Telegraph nobody thought how widespread and develop will that idea of communications, and how it will grow to Facetime and modern style of messaging. The scariest part that younger generation absorbs new technologies with unprecedented speed, and any product that was on top of the rating yesterday, today could be turned into history, like Telegraph or beeper, etc. I feel that we have to balance things together, especially now with our virtual and real life, otherwise we could be one of the reflections from the Black Mirror’s <i>Callister </i>main character.

    • <i>Writing</i>

    Freewriting this week was on interesting topic, and it was a pleasure to reflect my thoughts on the paper. Duration-about one hour, may be little more, because of the rewriting on the next day – I added more details, and it took near 500 words for me to finish.

    I took notes for my Bib project, made an outline for me to use next week (about one hour). I just started work with suggestions from our class meeting, to get everything on time and not to rush it last minute.

    • <i>Providing & Responding to Feedback</i>

    I look forward for our class session to connect with Instructor about the job was done for the past weeks and discuss the next project.

    • <i>Reflecting</i>

    In the modern world, people so used to handle new technologies in their everyday activities, and nobody thinks how difficult a few years ago was to find information in the library, or how fast could be to send a letter through an email. These things of technological progress make our life more convenient and thoughtless. If information is available anytime, it is enough just to look up for it on the Internet and made a copy on the computer. Or people started to prefer virtual life, instead of real..I believe that these possibilities lead people to lose their flexibility of memory and make them lazy. On the other hand, the modern individual has everything to master his or her level of  knowledge and skills, we just have to balance things together no matter what we are using it for. Technologies were made to help people, not to destroy them or build another imaginary world for them. After watching Black Mirror, I started to realise how we rely and depend on technologies in the modern world.


    • <i>Collaborating</i>


    In our group chat we were comparing our thoughts about the next project, and I think it was helpful for generating ideas.


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