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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye

    Log#8 the week ending October, 21

    • <i>Reading, Listening, and Viewing</i>

    For this week we should

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    1. Read “It Was the Gatekeepers Who Failed: The internet doesn’t actually offer an unconstrained marketplace of ideas.” by CONOR FRIEDERSDORF
    2. Read <i>“The Big Lie at the heart of the technology revolution”</i><i> by Damon Linker</i>
    3. Watch <i>Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 6: San Junipero </i>


    • <i>Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 4: Hang the DJ </i>


    • <i>Writing</i>

    During this week I was focusing on writing Project#2. I was doing two hours of research and taking notes, every day starting from Wednesday. I think I have better understanding now about the project. I changed the topic, but not in general, I just moved focus from one fact to more that was interesting to me. I feel that brought me motivation on all of researches i have done.

    • <i>Providing & Responding to Feedback</i>

    I look forward for our class session to connect with Instructor about the job was done for the past weeks and discuss the project.

    • <i>Reflecting</i>

    I really like how build our face-to-face sessions, so we can get a feedback, and reflect to a changes right the way. Modern problems and issues, that we are facing in class criss cross with all Social Media concern at that time, so I like we have a chance to collaborate together.


    • <i>Collaborating</i>


    In our group chat we were comparing our thoughts about the next project, and I think it was helpful for generating ideas.


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