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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye

    Log#3 the week ending September 16

    • <i>Reading, Listening, and Viewing</i>

    For this week we should

    1. Watch “<i>Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits”.</i>
    2. Refresh the video ContraPoints: What’s Wrong with Capitalism? Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 to compare it with the “Black Mirror…”
    3. Find the cultural artifact for the rhetorical analysis project.

    Watching the “<i>Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits” </i>was very cool, as a homework task, and it took me about an hour, may be little more to finish and analyze it first. Of cause, we can’t predict how our future world will look like, but we can prognose and assume some thing because of the technological progress nowadays. I think the episode itself shows how we can build our world, and would it be the world we want for our children and grandchildren. I believe, the first who started to show this kind of problems in the big screens was Lily Wachowski in the movie series “Matrix”. For instance, future world that we create now, and everything we do affect our future. I think the most accurate reason for the “Black Mirror’s”, is the series attracting an attention of audience, and trying to show the consequences of Capitalism and our everyday innovations itself. In comparison that episode to the Contrapoints comments, I can definitely say that at a very first look it is hard to accept all of the ideas from the episode, but then, it requires deeper understanding and discussions of topic. Both, Contrapoints and the episode of the series, are talking about the same thing, in a different level, but it both catch the attention of the Millennials; so audience are the same, but language is different. As a reader, we can definitely trace the uses of rhetorical analysis (Logos, Pathos, Kairos) in both examples, by audience it catch the attention, by language it speaks, and by ideas it represent.

    Searching of cultural artifact, somehow, became a not an easy task. I was searching and browsing across an Internet for a better example, and for some thing, that would be understandable by myself first, and then for the others. It took me near 50 minutes. I found a latest commercial of a new product at Cartier, presented last week, as a part of New York Fashion Week, and I thought it could be interesting and right on time.

    I am planning to confirm this Artifact with Instructor during our face-to-face session on Monday, September 17. If I understood correctly, I might explain rhetorical analysis of it.

    • <i>Writing</i>

    After I watched the video about Bing and refreshed Contrapoints arguments, I started to write down my freewriting. It took me around one hour and thirty minutes to finish, with breaks for watching some episodes and scenes again. I was trying to analyze my previous freewriting, and tried to be creative, as I could, per suggestion of Professor Rice-Evans. Overall I think I did a very good job, because the freewriting seems to be different from my first one at this class. I look forward for more interesting topics and ideas to analyze in this class. I like the opportunity to train actual writing skills and express critical thinking as part of the homework assignment.

    Writing a Labor Log this week becomes easier (may be, because it is not a first time anymore). I created a plan for myself: during the week I am taking a notes, but I write the actual Log in the very last day, on Sunday before the class. This way it taking some time during the week, and final clear adjusting and attachments at the finish. 15 min + 15 min + 15 min during the week + 15 min on Sunday. I found this way convenient for myself.

    • <i>Providing & Responding to Feedback</i>

    I look forward for our class session, so I might connect with Instructor about the job was done for the past three weeks and discus first project.

    • <i>Reflecting</i>

    This week assignments were really attracting and interesting, it takes time to accept the way, that we creating our FREEwritings, learning from modern movies and collaborating our thoughts from bloggers. I enjoy this way of teaching, and grateful for such an opportunities. I feel like that is exactly the Plato, Greek philosopher, was talking about – “show directions, not the answers for the students”.

    • <i>Collaborating</i>

    I look forward to the group projects and feedbacks in our class sessions.


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