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    Thomas McWilliams

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The rhetorical artifact project was a difficult one more me, in the beginning. I did not know what a rhetorical artifact was at first, which created a lot of anxiety and stress. Coming in for the class where it was explained helped me, but i still did not exactly know what was a good rhetorical artifact. I chose something that I have talked about in previous classes and it helped me create a decent project/essay out of it. Writing is fairly difficult for me because i’m told that i don’t mend my thoughts together to make it a nice flowing paper. Because of this i tried a little harder this time to make it sound good on paper like it did in my head. Choosing something i have already talked about in my life also made me sound like i knew what i was talking about because of how strong of a message the picture gives to people. Even Though i eventually found an artifact that had to be the most difficult part about the project. I chose a couple different ones before i landed on one specific artifact. I was choosing around mostly because i still did not get what we were exactly supposed to be looking for in an artifact. I read the questions for the outline and thought of, if I could write about this artifact. That is what eventually helped me pick one artifact. If i had to do the project over again it probably would have been take a little more time off work so that I could focus more on the project and other work I had in general. Another thing i would have done differently is, start writing towards the beginning of the day and not at the end of the night. Starting that late kind of made my brain a little foggy at certain points. When I chose my artifact I had a couple questions that were answered by classmates. I did not know if it had to be a current rhetorical artifact or if it didn’t matter what time period it came from.</span>

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