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    Karina Lopez

    For my rhetorical analysis paper, I think I did a good job picking out the artifact. It was something that was current, and it made sense to analyze it using rhetorical strategies. After several days of researching and deciding what I wanted to write about, Mark Knight’s cartoon was the one I felt most strongly  writing a rhetorical paper about. During Labor Log #3, I describe how I finally picked out the cartoon as my artifact. The artifact was a cartoon of Serena Williams that was controversial because it was seen as racist and misogynist. I think it was pretty apt with the pathos part of the rhetorical strategies. It really embraced the concept and I think I did well writing about how the cartoon reflected the use of pathos. Labor Log #4, is where I really did the meat of my writing. I started off using the rhetorical guide by Carmen Kynard that Professor Jesse posted for us. I found it very useful as a beginning guide to my writing. I’ve attached a picture of the rhetorical question guide. One thing I found difficult was writing about who the intended audience exactly was because it was a cartoon that was seen worldwide, and many different types of people had opinions about it. It was a little difficult pinpointing the exact audience that the rhetor, in this case the cartoonist, had intended. If I had to do this project over, I think I would want to talk about all three rhetorical concepts rather than just one because the cartoon really had all three concepts. I didn’t really have many questions after writing my paper but I guess if I had to pick one it would be for the cartoonist, if he intentionally wanted to cause controversy with this cartoon. During my writing process I also felt I could’ve used a little more time given my tight schedule. I would’ve liked to expand on the ideas of logos, and ethos a little more than I did. In my current paper I sort of just brushed up on them but mostly emphasized on pathos since I thought it was the most useful concept in this rhetorical analysis. Using the questions from the rhetorical writing guide were useful. They laid out a good outline for the paper and following it seemed to answer all the questions I had about it. If I were to assign my paper a letter grade, I’d give myself an A. As my 3rd and 4th labor logs show, I put in a lot of hours starting from basic research of the artifact to the outlining and drafts to the final paper. I also feel my writing really explained with detail how rhetorical strategies applied to my artifact.

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