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    Karina Lopez

    Outline for Project #2

    Topic: Constitutionality of Cyberbullying Laws versus First Amendment

    1. Introduction
      1. Define what is cyberbullying and how it is affecting students and schools
      2. Consequences of cyberbullying – examples: statistics & stories
      3. Thesis statement
    2. Conflict with the First Amendment
      1. Issues with traditional law
      2. Challenges schools are facing
      3. On-campus vs off-campus problems
      4. Lack of clear definition of cyberbullying in court
    3. Four Major Supreme Court cases of Student Speech
      1. Tinker vs. Des Moines school district case – “substantial disruption”
      2. Bethel School district vs. Fraser
      3. Hazelwood School district vs. Kuhlmeier
      4. Morse vs. Frederick
    4. Current Cyberbullying laws in different states
      1. Limitations
      2. Arkansas, Illinois & Vermont current laws
    5. Two current cyberbullying Acts in Congress
      1. Megan Meier Cyberbullying Act
      2. Adolescent Web Awareness
      3. Kowalski vs. Berkeley County schools
    6. Potential solutions
      1. Education in classrooms
      2. Federal regulation
    7. Conclusion

    Time stamp: 10/14/2018 @9:48pm


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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