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    Michael Bentkowski

    Project 2 was a fun and challenging one. Deciding on a topic was probably the hardest part. However, I got it done in the end.

    Labor Log:

    Assignment: Project 2 Argumentative Essay

    Date: November 5th, 2018

    Intensity: It took around 5-6 hours including research time to develop an argument, support, and refute my examples.

    Reflection: I think in the future, I will choose a more concrete topic as the argument I proposed is entirely contingent on how the public feels about my subject, Bitcoin. Also in the future, I will get the project done on time as it puts a strain on the professor if not completed on time.

    Grade: B+/A- (Late B-/B)

    One strength: The topic I discussed is near and dear to me, so my prior knowledge of the subject helped me develop a clear argument. This is apparent when I discussed Bitcoin’s value method and value history.

    One weakness: The amount of credible research done on the topic is VERY limited. I had to stick to a few sources I was able to find and thankfully came to complete it. The weakness shows when I provide a lack of statistics to show public acceptance of Bitcoin. It’s future is primarily based on speculation and the history of introducing such a revolutionary technology is limited.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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