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    Karina Lopez

    For the second project this semester, we were assigned to do a research based argumentative paper. I put a lot of thought into my topic. I felt this was the most difficult part of the paper. I had several topics that I wanted to write about but all within the realm of technology. Towards the end of labor log #5, I knew vaguely what I wanted my topic to be about but I still felt it could be much more narrow. There were way too many articles about the topic of cyber bullying. My labor log #7, describes the continuing process of finding topics. I spent a large amount of time researching articles on the school library website and looking for topics that had solid articles. Finally, after much back and forth, I settled on writing about the controversy between the right to freedom of speech and current state and federal cyberbully laws. By the end of week #7, I finished writing the annotated bibliography which helped seal my decision about my topic. By the end of Labor Log #8, I had almost finished the first draft of my paper. During week #9, and as my labor log outlines, I spent at least 7-8 hours that week, revising twice and editing my paper until the due date. I think my biggest strength in this paper was that I specific enough to find articles that supported my argument within the paper. One weakness in my paper could probably be, that I surpassed the word count and felt I had a hard time getting rid of any fluff or over explaining things sometimes. In the end I was able to cut down a lot of things I thought I did not need. Overall, I feel my paper was solid with good articles and solid explanations, which I feel deserves an A-. The minus being that it could’ve probably been a little more specific and less background information about the topic. But I did devote a lot of time to the research part of the paper and I did several revisions and editing to make sure i did not stray from my topic. Overall, I felt really good about this paper and it was a really interesting topic for me to research and write about.

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