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    Wei Tao Liu

    For my second project, I think I did much better than the first project because it is a research essay which I am more familiar to compare to the rhetorical analysis essay. I think for this essay, I did well and I want to get a 100 for this one since every class is becoming busy and having exams coming up and I don’t think I can have time to work on the revision of this paper. Through this project, I learned about virtual reality and other interesting facts about this technology. In order to complete this project, I went to Baruch library database and then choose three articles on that website. I also choose one of the readings from the course site. I used approximately hours and hours on this project and I think I did my best for this research paper assignment. There might be other things I didn’t put into and then improve the quality of this paper, but I had other things to do like studying my midterm exams and other papers in my other classes. There are many things to talk about in virtual reality because it is probably one of the future’s most popular innovation that people are interested in. I choose some of them to discuss whether virtual reality is something good or something bad since we know that everything has its positives and negatives. Like the internet, phones, computer, that we used so often. They are so convenient and very helpful in our daily life but on the other side, it also has some disadvantage, such as the internet brought us connection over the world, but also cybercrime, such as phones brought us convenient to talk to our friends and stay connected, but also scam through phone, such as computer that we used for work, but also can cause game addiction. However, I think virtual reality is also similar to them, it can help people who have mental disorder but on another side, it can cause deeper addiction to people who already addicted to games, but I still think that virtual reality is good because nothing is perfect and we can’t stop using something that brings us benefit even it comes with a little disadvantage. Everything can be “doubled-edge sword”, to help us and also hurt us. This research paper is different from one that I did in the past which is about energy drink should be banned. In that research paper, I think energy drink should be banned because it causes lots of injuries and deaths. For this research paper, virtual reality doesn’t cause injury or death, and it can help with the mental disorder, but also cause some mental disorder such as addiction. So, the difference between these two paper is that virtual reality is something that I think we should not throw away, and energy drink, something that cause serious damage to people should be a drop away. Thus, I think the second project is interesting because it helps me find out that their things are different and everything has both good and bad, and we need to see whether if the goodness is more or the badness is more.

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