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    Zi Chuang Wang

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I’m not really sure what I did well during my rhetorical analysis project. I wrote a good amount about my interpretation of the music video was and about some of the lyrics but I am unsure if I did a good job on it. I think the most difficult part of the project was just organizing it. I had to make sure that I covered all the things that I wanted and that it sounded coherent. It was also difficult to really find a way to start the essay. I don’t really know what I would change if I had to do this project over again. I might’ve gone with a different cultural artifact like a commercial or something. I didn’t really have any questions about my artifact after the RA. I had seen it at least 7 times at that point and I didn’t really think I missed anything. If I did then it was probably because there were way too many possible interpretations of the visual elements and the lyrics. I think I thought the assignment would be a lot longer and more intense than it really was. For some reason I was trying to prepare myself to write like a ten page essay or something. Something that I wasn’t sure would be able to be done in a day. The non-existent intimidation I felt made me really dread doing the assignment and made me feel like I really had to prep for it. Eventually I started and it was a lot easier to get the ball rolling after that. I would assign myself a B+ on this project.</span>

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