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    Anastasia Khaye

    Anastasia Khaye


    Prof. Rice-Evans

    From the Project#1 of this course I have learned how to analyze the video material or, in my case, a commercial of the last campaign of Cartier. I received a comments and suggestions on how to change the structure of my work to bring points of the Rhetorical Analysis to the beginning. Therefore, I would grade myself an “A”, because I think that all of the possible evidences and points of view were mentioned in the work. I would leave a structure as it is, because I think when I gave the solution and full arguments by the end, it leads work to the reasonable ending, instead of giving right away in the introduction. Rhetorical Analysis and meaning of the commercial were explained in full, and supported by the examples and evidences. Structure could be different, but the content was reached in full.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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