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    Anastasia Khaye

    Project#2 for me was little challenging, because it contained two parts. I started with one topic and outline, but during the work I changed it, because find more interesting topic for me. I was doing research and checked a lot of articles about chosen topic(“social media nowadays”). I think it is an interesting and growing problem at the moment, that should attract attention of the audience. Development of the social media changed the way people were communicating before it was innovated and promoted. We rely on the standards and norms of our generation, and in most cases can not chase for the technological development which is in non-stop progress. people most of the time feel loneliness,therefor they might have an incredible number of “friends” on line. After I finished Annotated Bibliographies, it opened for me wide sources for the Argumentative Essay. I tried to include psychological statistics and opinions of some scientists. I hope the essay is on the right format. I opened new information for myself, and I liked the work in general.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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