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    I’m not sure what multimodal writing is. I guess I am already a writer in the sense that I have to keep my emails at work “professional”. My anxieties for this class are work load/type of work. I absolutely hate doing things such as research papers. I don’t feel my time is well spent writing when I have other goals that I can use my time for. I think I write at a good enough level for what I will use my writing skills for in life and don’t wish to improve upon them, until maybe I perfect other aspects I care more about. I said I hate writing because I like to keep to myself mainly and don’t really care to share how I think or write about things I don’t care about in general. I honestly hope to power through the core classes so I can get in my major core and learn the things I need to propel my career forward. I was lucky enough to turn my associates degree and internship into a full time job. So now I work full time and am trying to finish up my degree at the same time and it is tough to keep life balanced. Many people ask why I even go back to school now but for me I think it’s now or never. In this day and age you need a four year degree and although I got lucky and have three years of experience under my belt with my associates, I think furthering my education will help me with security if I ever need to find a new job or keep pushing for promotions where I currently work now. Personally I just dislike school in general, I think they overcharge students and underpay teachers to make them take less than 20% of classes that they will find useful later on in life for a paper that says you can work in a field that you learned nothing about until you got the job. Every job you get basically trains you from the beginning and I think school more or less mostly prepares you just for showing up on time and not missing lectures/work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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