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    Wei Tao Liu

    In the first readings, the author is telling the reader the history of rhetoric and its importance in today’s society. In the second readings, the author is also trying to show the reader the amplifying importance of rhetoric and composition and the important role of visual rhetoric for writers. Both readings are emphasizing rhetoric and I think they are trying to express a similar idea, which is to encourage people to practice rhetoric wiring and use them properly. Now rhetoric is not only important in writing poetry or plays, it is also being used in social media, public debate, and working places, even when we send emails or talk to each other. Rhetoric is much more than simply talking to each other, rhetoric has four concepts, ethos, pathos logos, and Kairos, which are to be ethical or credible, shows empathy, to be logical, and focus on the time because it is important to say the right thing in the right moment of time. Therefore, rhetoric is the way to make our words understandable, credible and appealing. We should use it all the time, either talk in person or chat online.

    In my perspective regarding these two readings, I totally agree with them. I believe rhetoric is important and essential because it is the best way to communicate with other people, especially when I and someone else are having a discussion or an argument between us. Using rhetoric language can be extremely helpful and it can make lots of things easier because without using rhetoric could cause conflict which could lead to a quarrel. There is an example at the end of the first reading, where a guy wants to send an email to his teacher to let him/her know that he will miss the class on Friday, but he didn’t mention why he will miss the class, which will be insulting because it makes people think this guy thought the class is not important.

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    Hey Wei Tao–

    Thanks for this nuanced analysis!

    One note for you moving forward: be sure to introduce *any* reading by including the author’s name/s and the title of the article. You’ll need to get so specific in most writing situations, even more informal spaces like this. It’s smart to get in this habit now!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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