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    Wei Tao Liu

    WTF is multimodal? I don’t know so I think I should skip this question and move to the next one. Am I a writer?  I am a writer when I got assignments from my class about writing an essay or paragraphs, but I am not a writer when I don’t get assignments because I don’t like writing in reality. For this course in comparison to other writing classes I have taken in high school and at my previous college, SUNY Buffalo, my expectation is high because I want to get a high grades on this class, and same to all my other classes I am having now, and my anxiety for this course is obviously, grades and the assignments I will have to deal with in the upcoming weeks, especially the midterm and the final exams. This is one reason why I hate writing, I think I am not a good writer so I hate writing because it is my weak spot. For an example, when I was in high school, I had an assignment which I really have nothing to write about, so I need to force my brain to think and brainstorm which made me really tire, this is why I don’t like writing because writing requires thinking a lot and I am a lazy guy who doesn’t like to think too much. However, I don’t want to get bad grades for my English class, then I need to think a lot. So I hate writing because writing makes me tire and anxious. Writing, for me, is hard and “painful”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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