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    Zi Chuang Wang

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I assume multimodal is just multiple modes of whatever it is describing. Multimodal writing would just be writing on different modes of communication. (via proper essay, etc) I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a writer to begin with although I do get really wordy and overemotional when I drink (which is pretty often) so I guess that kind of counts as being a writer? My only real anxiety about this writing course is that I fucking hate sharing my thoughts with strangers and my work in general. I am a very self loathing person so I am extremely critical about my own work even if others say its good. The only time I ever thought I was a good writer was during a single pass/fail assignment in high school. All of the classes were supposed to write plays and submit them. It was a pass/fail assignment but I kind of ran with it. I did a stupid comedy sketch that you would see in an average sitcom. I didn’t think it was the best thing I’d written but it was the most fun I’ve had writing something in a long ass time. A week after we handed in the assignment, my teacher announced that a play production company was coming in to perform their favorite 3-5 plays that we had written and that surprisingly mine was one of those. I didn’t actually show up to the performance due to work scheduling and also I would probably be extremely embarrassed seeing my work performed in front of so many people. The day after, my teacher told me that my play was the company’s favorite one and they wanted to meet me but I missed the show. That was the only time I ever really liked writing even if it was some stupid play. Writing to me is just very annoying in school. We always have a set topic and even if we were allowed multiple ways of tackling the assignment, I don’t really feel connected to any of those topics so my words tend to be bland and uninteresting. The only time where my writing gets kind of better is when I write about my own life. This is probably the most narcissistic thing I could say but whatever. I tend to be really analytical about my own life and my horrible choices so I usually have a lot to say when I put them into essay format. Maybe it makes me feel better that I have some sort of grasp on my own mental thoughts or maybe it’s some sort of outlet but who cares. </span>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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