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    Thomas McWilliams

    After watching Her it got me thinking about the effect smart phones and social media have had on people. More specifically how despite being in a group of people you can still be alone. In the movie this is expressed whenever the main character is in public, he still remains in his own little world consumed by his operating system. Late in the movie this is shown again when he realizes that everyone else is also just staring down and speaking with them. I have often felt this in real life when I’m at a party or a bar and I start to notice large numbers of people just hugging the wall on Instagram despite being in a room full of people to interact with. Or walking through the streets of the city and seeing everyone looking down. It’s become an effect just to interact in the real world these days and I think the movie her is an excellent depiction of this. (P.S. the meme is poorly made.)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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