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    Zi Chuang Wang

    I think I have a relatively dependent relationship with technology. I have a commute of roughly an hour and a half just to get to school or work so I am really dependent on my technology to keep me busy. I think that society in general has become rather dependent on technology. When you look around on the street you will find people either checking their phones, listening to music, answering a call, etc. It has become ingrained in our everyday lives. I often find myself checking my phone quite frequently throughout the day. Recently I was made aware of a special function in my iPhone that tracks how much you check your phone on a daily basis and how long you spend on it as well. I was honestly quite shocked when it told me that I use my phone for around 8 hours a day. Overall though, advancements in technology have been mostly positive for the world so maybe using technology so often isn’t a bad thing. I honestly can’t really think of a media platform that seems authentic to me. Most social media platforms are deceptive and encourage social comparisons to false idealistic personas. Plenty of entertainment media platforms have become deceptive as well. The people who produce content for these platforms often adopt a certain persona in order to obtain more popularity or to make more money. The censorship on many of these platforms also limit the authenticity of it. I suppose the only authentic media is some sort of private real-time streaming like a voice call with someone or a face time session. I can’t really think of what comes next for technology since there are technological advancements in every field so it is a rather broad and open future.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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