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    Cindy Reka

    This weeks assignment is to watch “Her” on Netflix and reflect on our thoughts about technology. Then, we are to post a gif accurately describing our relationship with technology. When thinking about my relationship with technology, what first comes to mind is that I am eternally grateful to live in an age where technology is so revolutionary and thriving by the day. Technology makes all our lives so so so much easier. My personal relationship with technology is neither bad nor good. It is simply something that exists and that I try to get accustomed to as much as possible. Although I do generally view technology as a positive thing, I do think it can be highly toxic if over-used. Just like any addiction, too much of anything simply is not good. It becomes more evident with each passing day that humans are highly capable of becoming addicted to technology-all it takes is one glance into a crowd to realize this. To combat this, we should learn how to balance physical reality with all the benefits that technology brings. In the movie, “Her”, we witness a man fall in love with a computer. Perhaps this is a metaphor for the way humans “fall in love” with technology now a days. We can become so accustomed to immersing ourselves in a virtual reality, that real life starts to become dull or inadequate for us. We mustn’t let this happen, because physical reality will have beauty and excitement to offer us (if you’re looking).



    I chose this meme because it accurately represents the issue some may have with putting their cellphone/technology down and simply communicating face to face. I don’t quite have this problem because I prefer real life interaction to virtual interaction but I do know many people who would fit the description. This meme kind of reminds me to lay off the technology and be grateful for having real life connections.

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