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    Taylor Norris

    My relationship to technology is not like many other millennia’s nowadays. Most people now have a very strong relationship with technology but I for one do not. I do not feel like my life revolves around technology like most. Most people sit for hours on end with their phones I for one find it convenient, but like face-to-face interaction a little more. When it comes to movies I find that the visuals are just as important as the music. The thing, to me, that makes movies much better is the music. When in a horror movie those jump scares are not scary when there is no volume. When there is music playing in the back of those jump scares it makes it more intense of a feeling, which creates that jump. Or when there is a very sad moment there are usually violins or something making the moments more emotional. Laughing in the background of jokes in a comedy movie allows people watching to laugh with the laughing in the background. I believe the next thing for technologies future is artificial intelligence. Like in that movie Her he is being broken down but orders the new artificial intelligence technology. Which brightens his day but has some kinks, which could be the future of our world. Artificial intelligence is when machines are able to perform everyday tasks that humans do.


    I chose to create a meme like this one because it describes me best. I find most technology hard to use. Technology to me is not as necessary as face-to-face interactions. For an interview to get a job you would not be texting back and forth with the manager or boss. Not saying technology isn’t convenient I am just saying that technology is not extremely important. I do use it in my everyday life and I like technology. The future is technology, although I’m not acclimated, I will have to learn soon.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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