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    This week, the class and I were assigned to find an example of an online story that used visual elements within the article. We had to use Hocks and the graphic guide to analyze how the visual element relates to the text. We then had to describe both the intent of the article and the role the visual element played in conveying the main message of the story. After that, we had to watch two parts of a video entitled, “What’s Wrong with Capitalism?” For me, it took about 30 minutes to acquire an online story that I felt efficiently used a visual element within its story line. What I ended up finding was an article about the Hurricane Florence, a dangerous and possibly deadly storm headed towards the states. The article, entitled “See How Hurricane Florence Will Effect NYC” by Adam Nichols includes an aerial image of the East Coast, depicting the estimated amount of rainfall within range of Hurricane Florence. The author says, “Hurricane Florence looks set to miss New York City, focusing its “life-threatening” fury instead on the Carolinas and forcing the evacuation of a million people from the East Coast. But the city will not totally escape its impact, forecasts show.” This correlates to the visual element because it shows us that although we will not be hugely impacted, we will still be seeing some of the by-products of the storm, such as 2 inches of rain. Both the text and the visual map in the article support each other in their claim, which make the article more credible and resourceful. I believe the visual element of the article was successful and precise in relaying the author’s main message, which was that although Hurricane Florence will not be directly damaging to New Yorkers, we still will be getting about 2 inches of rain. After analyzing the elements of this article, I moved on to watching the required video, “What’s Wrong with Capitalism?”, which discusses the inconsistencies or flaws of a capitalist economic system, and instead introduces a socialist economic structure as the solution.

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