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    Salah Maflahi

    Salah Maflahi

    In the article, “Dream of Humanity”, which can be located on the website, The author “Reza” used a lot of different photographs that they’ve gathered to help convey their story. Not only did the photographs help the reader understand and visualize what the author is trying to get across, but it was also able to trigger the desirable emotions within the reader. In this article the author was giving us an inside view of refugees from all over the world and what they go through. Although the pictures alone were able to tell the story Reza gave a small brief explanation of what was going on. They were able to convince the readers that it wasn’t fair for those innocent lives to go through this horror after the wars and messes that they’re country has gotten them selves into. Even though that he may not have made this claim, as a reader i was able to draw the claim from the pictures that were provided. He used photos taken of some of the different refugee camps that were setup around the world to help the refugee sustain the life that they’ve been forced to live. The use of pathos helped the author evoke the readers emotions to take their interest in this article. Logos also plays a part in what he portrayed because he was able to persuade the audience with the use of actual facts and photographs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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