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    Salah Maflahi

    In the black mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits, the characters’ lives rely on paddling the electronic bicycles. This allows them to earn virtual currency (Merits) which they use for almost everything they do. Everything they do from waking up to until going to sleep costs them variable amount of money. With technology being everywhere it makes it a lot easier to charge the person. Everywhere they go they have these large screens that recognize who they are and are basically linked to their bank accounts. They’re jobs are basically to paddle and watch advertisements, but what makes it worst is that even when they’re in their rooms since it’s isolated with screens from floor to ceiling they can’t avoid advertisements unless they pay a certain fee that allows them to bypass it. A connection I was able to make is that this episode shows a common civilian living in a state/country that’s run by capitalism. Paying close attention to Bing when he tried to help Abi get her shot in the talent show although she did great and practically won they asked her if she wanted to be as big as Selma. If so she would have to place business above her individual needs. And I believe that this is one of the top cons in Capitalism placing the business above your individual needs. Another things is that people with an inability are left behind such as that overweight guy who could paddle they removed him.

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