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    Michael Bentkowski

    To watch: <i>Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits</i>(Netflix) and respond by analyzing the role that visual elements play in the episode, e.g. in the protagonist’s daily life, in the culture outside of the setting of the episode, connect to Contrapoints | What’s Wrong with Capitalism Pts. 1 & 2, ~300 words

    Wow! Just wow! This show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and yet it was so relatable to our life! The correlation between our society and the show’s society is alarming!

    Well, to begin with, Bing is a fantastic actor. I’m going to continue watching the series. The visual elements in this episode are the life that Bing and every other minion endure. Everything is through a screen where they use only gestures and touch to interact with them. Aside from food, water and soap nothing physical is ever honestly bought. Bing voices how corrupt every other minion’s life is by buying a voucher to go on our equivalent of the American Idol. In essence, he voiced the same struggles that the youtube vlogger spoke about in her video. We have this fascination with STUFF and forget the true meaning of why we live on this planet. It’s honestly so beautiful and self-fulfilling to know that there are individuals in this world that see it for how fucked up it is.


    To be bred into the rat race of someone else’s game and to have no say in if it’s right for you. Every human on earth goes through life thinking that material items will fulfill a desire that was artificially created by the “salesman” in the first place. It’s human connections that make us happy. To go against the norm is something that I find incredibly admirable.


    All in all this episode is showing is how meaningless our lives can be. It seems that I am jumping around a bit; however, it is exciting to know there is such content such as this. THANK YOU!

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